Computer Analysis and Simulation

Technological advances can now provide a visualization of the accident.

Traffic Accident Reconstruction

By collecting evidence and data we can give you a
clearer picture of why and how an accident happened.

Court-Approved Specialist

Our investigative checklist is designed to
address issues in traffic accident litigation.

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Whether an accident has just occured or time has lapsed, we are able to use the latest technology to determine how and why an accident has occured. As reconstruction experts for the analysis of auto, truck and motorcycle accidents, we can resolve issues such as speeds, collision severity, visibility, driver behavior and other causal factors.


About John Painter

We are reconstruction specialists with the experience, training, education, and certifications backed by 30-year-experience.

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Why Should You Contact TARAS?

The answer is simple. We are here to assist you. The simulation of traffic accidents is an extremely valuable tool in testing “what if” questions concerning driver and vehicle behavior.

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