Bicycle & Pedestrian Accident Reconstruction

The speeds of bicyclists and pedestrians must often be estimated by witness description and/or research into class specific testing. Speeds of striking autos… Learn More »


Crash Data Retrieval

TARAS uses Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Software and Hardware products that support the retrieval of crash data from Airbag Control Modules (ACM), Roll-over Sensors (ROS) and… Learn More »


Emergency Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

The drivers of police vehicles, fire trucks, and ambulances operate are typically provided advanced driver training, and are governed by emergency vehicle statutes. Mr. Painter has been certified as a police…
Learn More »


General vs. Specialty Investigative Services

General traffic accident reconstruction training and practice is typically involves the analysis of collisions between passenger vehicles. These collisions of similar vehicles typically require… Learn More »


Highway Grade & Heavy Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

Trucks and buses share three common characteristics that make traffic accident analysis challenging… Learn More »


Human Factor Analysis

The reconstruction of traffic accidents often requires an assessment of what a reasonable and prudent driver would have done under the same or similar circumstances. Traditional values for “normal” driver reaction times have often been applied to this analysis… Learn More »


Investigation Consultation

The initial telephone contact with the potential client will ensure that there are no conflicts of interest between Mr. Painter and involved parties, and to discuss the basic facts of the case… Learn More »


Leading Technology

J. Stannard Baker, the Father of Traffic Accident Reconstruction, earned this informal title for his work in advancing and developing the science of Traffic Accident Reconstruction while employed… Learn More »


Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction

Motorcycles operated at roadway speeds remain upright largely as a function of gyroscopic forces created by spinning tires and wheels. An operator cannot steer a motorcycle around corner by turning the front tire in the direction of the corner… Learn More »


School Bus Accident Reconstruction

Traffic accidents resulting in serious injury or death to bus passengers are relatively rare events. In fact, a child is three times more likely to be killed while boarding or disembarking from a school bus… Learn More »